God. You are too good. Keep workin through me. I love it when you use me to speak truth and influence people and encourage others (‘: it’s so rewarding to see people happier and inspired.
I’m happier and inspired in return.

I’ve realized

Losing you helped me gain so much more than I could’ve ever possibly imagined. & I guess I never thought I’d say this but thank you. Thank you for letting me go.


Incredibly, incredibly, ridiculously blessed and happy to be learning and receiving so much here. I know God put me here for reasons like this- to mature and grow in ways I couldn’t even imagine back home and to do it 20x faster and more abundantly than I could’ve asked for.
God show me more. Use me more. I can’t wait to do crazy things for you and to bring this passion back to the states with me. You are wonderful beyond comprehension and I love your miraculous ways of working through people. I want to be the person you created me to be - fully, wholeheartedly, serving you in joy, wisdom, & great peace.

God is good, all the time.

On my own for last 3⃣ weeks✌️#thejourneycontinues #makinitcount #foreverinshanghai (at City life 🌇)
► Sunday Jul 20/14 10:31pm

On my own for last 3⃣ weeks✌️#thejourneycontinues #makinitcount #foreverinshanghai (at City life 🌇)

{Thames town📚📖} #floorisabookshelftoo (at Book Heaven📚)
► Saturday Jul 19/14 9:14pm
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{Thames town📚📖} #floorisabookshelftoo (at Book Heaven📚)

{1 Peter 1:6}
► Tuesday Jul 15/14 5:50pm
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{1 Peter 1:6}


We’re over but in my dreams we’re perfectly fine. Why does my mind keep reminding me of you. You’re not even the you I knew before anymore so I don’t why it keeps holding on

Nothing quite like

Cruising down the bustling friday night streets of shanghai on the back of Ron’s moped with my hands in the air and breeze flying through my hair, or laying on the forbidden (& wet) grass of an empty park at midnight with deep reminiscing talks of the past, present, and future. I’ll miss these days like no other. Can’t even believe that tonight would be the last time we’ll ever get to do random stuff like that together in shanghai): time flies.

Sometimes in my dreams

we’re still us. It’s so strange.. yet it feels normal ; comfortable.
Makes me miss it.


Had a dinner with one of my closest friends, thank God he keeps trying to get me out of my bummness and forces me to go out 😣 then went exploring on my bike and found this cool strip of stores right along the stadium. Found and bought some more fake birks haha☺️👍 I would say today was successful. Had 9 lovely hours of sleep, got in a morning workout/run, and had some God time in the park for my lunch break. Productive to the max. I just gotta keep this up