Do you ever

have those days where you actually wanna be around people and you just don’t wanna be alone?
Tonight is one of those


I can’t help but wonder if I’ll ever find someone who will love me the way you did or as much as you did

I know it’s ridiculous and sad but some days it hits me hard




Forgot how nice it was to go on midnight runs 😌


God I have no idea what you’re doing, but I trust you.

First day of being a third year✔️

It was nothing short of amazing. 👌


Ahhh the joy of reuniting with my beloved friends and making new friends. Feels so right.
I’m loving this new chapter in life 😊👍
So excited beyond words. This is gonna be good

I can’t believe

It’s finally here. My last night in Shanghai. It feels so incredibly unreal but I have to accept it 😔 it’s been such an incredible journey of a year and I can’t believe it’s over. There’s too much to even express I don’t know how to feel. This is not goodbye forever! I will be back. I know it 👍 shanghai, you’ve been too good to me

Moments of Memories #1

{Sitting at a bakery cafe and drinking my pomelo fruit tea }

Reminded me of all the times we would go for Coco runs and you’d treat us (oppa time!) You’d order my fav either iced matcha or the lemon kumquat & I would only drink up to the letter F or something on the cup marks. Literally 1/8 and I’d be done and good- that’s prob why I never order drinks cause I can’t ever finish. I remember you would help me finish all my drinks, even if you made fun of me for not being able to drink even half.
Or our daily pomelos that we’d take turns buying and you’d open all of them for us cause it was a real workout lol. And then we’d split and enjoy our lovely huge fruit and joke around and stuff.
Or the late night Chinese cramming when you’d test me my vocab words even when you hadn’t started studying for your dictation yet.
Or letting me use your phone every day to go on my insta and fb etc. when I didn’t have an iPhone yet.
Thank you for all the good memories😌I will forever remember them.
Who knew we’d turn out like this. I still treasure what we had but it makes me sad that you don’t. Our genuine friendship really meant so much to me and I wish we could go back to fonder times when we kakao’ed in class even though we sat next to each other. Only you could make me laugh so hard I almost died in class- couldn’t even lift up my head. It’s pretty hard to make me enjoy texting someone. That darn “sweat potato”. & that kafei house performance too

Maybe someday we can be friends again. I sure hope so


God. You are too good. Keep workin through me. I love it when you use me to speak truth and influence people and encourage others (‘: it’s so rewarding to see people happier and inspired.
I’m happier and inspired in return.