First night

alone in Shanghai. Can’t believe this is what it’s gonna be like all summer… It’s still so surreal that everyone left the jia forever and we will never be all living together in that house ever again. I can truly say that this year was unforgettable and the best year of my life (no exaggerations). So much has happened and I just thank god for all the countless blessings he’s provided these past 8 months abroad. It was such such such an amazingly incredible experience that I will forever cherish. I have never felt so closely connected to so many people at the same time. We became a real family and I love every single person in our shanghai 2013-2014 group. We were all so different but somehow being abroad made us mesh together so perfectly.
I definitely bawled when I realized the sad reality that everyone was leaving to go home except me.. But everyone is so encouraging and great and I know we’ll still be awesome homies next year at Malibu when were all together again. This is gonna be a tough summer, I know it but I know if God has provided thus far, he will not fail me. His plan is always amazing. I moved into “uncle” Kenny’s house today and it’s great. Some perks:
1. The area is fantastic. Surrounded by hundreds of shops and food places etc, I’m in the heart of the city yo. This is where it’s at.
2. My work place is literally like a 10 min walk from here. So perfect I can’t even thank God enough for providing once again and having dat perfect planning.
3. They have two dogs. (I miss Pepsi)
4. I have an amazing view from my room of the city surrounding me. Once again.. The heart of the city! -it’s what I’ve always wanted(:
5. It’s close to subways
6. I supposedly can ride a public bus back to our Pepperdine Jia that takes me directly there almost. (!!!!)
7. SO MUCH STUFF nearby I can’t wait to explore. Eeeeeks

K I’m sleeping early tonight to catch up on sleep since I pulled like 4 allnighters in a row.
I just gotta remember to make the most of this experience! And I know I will. The most I think about it, the more excited I get

The countdown begins

Can’t believe we only have 22 days left here together😭.. It really went by too fast. I can’t believe God has taken me so far and has opened so many doors- from having Shanghai as one of my last choices to only staying semester to extending to one year to then getting an internship and hopefully staying for summer too.. Making it a full year in China. I had no idea I’d love it so much here, it’s incredible how one place and people can impact someone in such ways. I thank God for all the amazing lifelong friendships I’ve made here and I know these are some I will cherish forever. Our connection and our experiences here daily make us so close and I love that we will have gone through so much crazy fun junk together. These people are family- each 49 of them - and our jia is my home for life. I will miss everyone dearly when they leave but I just hope my visa stuff works out and I won’t be too lonely by myself here in the summer):
Gotta make the most of the next three weeks! The last of an incomparable year

► Friday Mar 21/14 8:38am
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Siem Reap • Cambodia EFT 2014

God is good

all the time.

So so so so good. Thank you God - I’m learning to fully trust you, and now I know you never fail me. (‘:Your plan > ours. ahhhasfhjdf so much weight lifted. I can’t even believe it. He always makes everything work out perfectly according to his plan.

First time

I cried three days in a row. I’ve become such a crier. When I’m stressed and sad and people ask me it just comes out I can’t control it.

God please take away these burdens and just let me be free. I know full well that with You all things are possible. I just need to be still and trust in You.

Here we go again

Pissed, stressed, and depressed.
Why why why


Ahhh thank you thank you thank you God. He is faithful till the end. Things are working out and I can see his work in my life. Registration was such a struggle and I was stressed beyond bubbles but He definitely had a hand in it and helped me get a perfect schedule after waiting and persistence with emailing 👌😊 Everything was planned so exactly and it wasn’t just luck that I got them. Couldn’t be more satisfied with my awesome but sucky schedule next fall. Can’t wait, it’s gonna be bomb.
What a productive day too..
1. Figured out more steps to my stay in Shanghai for summer -yay less stress
2. Got accepted into the conflict management program
3. Made a peachy schedule
(&Went shopping at forever for the first time this year)
Three awesome praise reports for today. God never fails to amaze me.

Be still in the presence of the Lord,
and wait patiently for him to act.

Staying thankful

Running on like 2 hours of sleep from last night and it’s 3:20 am again tonight and I’m exhausted (physically &mentally& emotionally) but I’m finding that God is taking a lot of my stress away slowly but surely. Thousands of things on my mind right now but I just want to bask in His presence and I’m not worried at all about the future of these stressors. God is good, all the time.
Plus I get a whole room and basically house to myself for this weekend cause it’s our 3 day weekend and almost everyone is out traveling. This “me time” is starting off wonderfully and I’m enjoying every second. Thank God for making things not work out as I planned.. cause he always has a better plan. Always.

Best day

I’ve had in awhile. It was just so amazing I can’t even express it. Thank you God so much for everything that happened & all that you do in my life. I know you’re always the best. So so good.